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Why order from Whirled Planet today?
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We're a small company with a big difference. Our goal is to establish a relationship with our customers.

My name is Mike McGinnis, and I own Whirled Planet. I started this company in 1996 as a way to finance my travel bug. Now, 11 years later, I'm still intimately involved in the day-to-day operations.

I do all the buying, so if it's on the site, it means I like it (for better or worse). I also answer the phone, often as not. There are only a few of us here at the Planet, and if you place an order with us, we'll learn your name and most likely we'll remember you the next time you email or call us.

The people that make our products earn a living, not a pittance. I meet with suppliers directly. I visit the warehouses and workshops in India, Thailand, Vietnam, and Indonesia. As with my customers, I establish a relationship with the people that craft our products.

Our goal is to provide nice, quality products at a good price, and to do it with a smile. I love my job, and the people involved with this company seem to like theirs too. When you call us, as corny as it sounds, we'll probably have a cool Hawaiian breeze wafting through the office as we listen to our latest favorite CD.

I know our products we stock will sell, because I sell them in two of my own stores here on Kauai. Every day people tell me how much they love our products.

So give us a try. The products are nice. The prices are good, and if you don't like something or everything you order, just send it back to get your money back. We're pretty sure you'll keep it and come again.

Wishing you success,

Mike McGinnis
Whirled Planet, Inc.

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Feel free to click around the site. There are nearly 500 products, including wholesale silver jewelry, wholesale home decor, wholesale home lighting and wholesale women's accessories.