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Namaste! My name is Mike McGinnis, president of Whirled Planet. We are a small wholesale silver jewelry and gift company located on the Garden Island of Kauai, in Hawaii, USA. We have been relying on wholesale silver jewelry and gift imports from India, Thailand and China since 1996, and have seen our company grow and prosper. Much of this prosperity has been due to our strong relationships with reliable wholesale silver jewelry and wholesale gift suppliers. Here are some images that pay homage to the people who have made this wonderful journey possible.
wholesale silver jewelry picture

The Whirled Planet Crew on Halloween. Kim, Courtney, Mike and daughter Zoë. Not shown are Sonja and Mike's other daughter Asha.

wholesale silver jewelry picture

Varsha-ji is happy to show her selection of stones. Her family supplies us with most of our finished jewelry from India.

wholesale silver jewelry picture Hanks of stone beads await the next step of their journey toward becoming a prized piece of jewelry. wholesale silver jewelry picture A street vendor plies his wares in a stunning rainbow of semi-precious stones. The selection of stones can be overwhelming!
wholesale silver jewelry picture In Johari Bazar, in the Pink City of Jaipur, the pulse of the city can be felt in the intense negotiations of these stone merchants selling bindles of unset gems. wholesale silver jewelry picture A Johari Bazar sidewalk with the casually dressed stone merchants. Each one has bindles of stones to sell.
wholesale silver jewelry picture Unless you know what to look for, you might pass right on by this center of semi-precious stone merchantry. wholesale silver jewelry picture Once the stones have been purchased, they must be sorted according to size and color.
wholesale silver jewelry picture Silver is purchased in large bars, then smelted and repoured into smaller, more manageable pieces for fabrication. wholesale silver jewelry picture More and more, you see technology's impact in Indian jewelry making. Here, a worker sorts wax ring molds. Casting allows for more control over the final product.
wholesale silver jewelry picture Another trend is that of the "factory" environment. Typiucally, workers did much of the jewelry making process from their own home. wholesale silver jewelry picture Making bezel settings for pendants. This sort of work is still done all by hand, so skill and artistry are required in equal measure.
wholesale silver jewelry picture

Fiery Rainbow Moonstone cabochons set in silver wire bezel. These pieces are destined to become a stunning pendant eventually sold in the US.

wholesale silver jewelry picture The advantage of a factory setting for the workers is better working conditions. Ultimately, the customer benefits from a higher quality product.
wholesale silver jewelry picture

Each piece of jewelry goes through many steps, and is touched by many hands before being "finished."

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Radha is one of the designers at our main textile supplier. She seems to have an endless supply of ideas!

wholesale silver jewelry picture

Bolts of fabric are laid out by hand for cutting.

wholesale silver jewelry picture
One of the many "sari warehouses" we visit to sort through used sari collections. It's hot, dusty work.
wholesale silver jewelry picture

The sewing staff is not just skillful, but quick also. Once they get in a groove, their movements flow in a graceful dance of thread and fabric.

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One of the thousands of designs available. There is a remarkable array of products available, and our job is to sort through and find the best of the best.

wholesale silver jewelry picture

Bangle store in Jaipur. The department store is non-existent in most of India. Small merchants like these gentlemen specialize in a product and carry and endless variety of items within the category.

wholesale silver jewelry picture

Namaste means "the God light in me recognizes the God light in you." It is a common greeting in India.

Thank you for visiting with us!

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