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This is our wholesale sterling silver preview site. On this page you will see some of our wholesale sterling silver toe ring assortments. To see our whole line of wholesale silver jewelry, complete with shopping cart, prices and terms, please click here.

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Standard Assortment: T150
We have several different prepacks of toe rings available. You buy 14 pieces, but only pay for 13! We've always got great deals. Free foot display.



T101: Plain Silver Bali Toe Rings
As the name suggests, these are "Bali Style" with wrapped wire detail. Free foot display.




T201: Assorted Bali Toe Rings with Crystal
These are a little more upscale style than the prepacks above. They are essentially the same as the T101 styles, but each one has a crystal. Shipped in an assortment of 14 pieces for $*.** each.


T250: Assorted Bali Toe Rings, With and Without Crystals
This prepack comes with 7 plain Bali toe rings and 7 single-wire Bali toe rings with crystals. Shipped in an assortment of 14 pieces. Free foot display.



T400: Toe Rings with Beads
Great fun! Toe rings with plastic beads in assorted colors and designs. Sterling silver, available in assortments of 14 pcs., includes neoprene foot display. $*.** each, plus we include 1 toe ring for free! Free foot display.



T160: Celtic Toe ring Assortment
This prepack has an assortment of stamped and cast celtic-style silver toe rings. Shipped in an assortment of 14 pieces for $*.** each. Free foot display.


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